Friday, December 2, 2011

Teaching Polymer Clay

I spent a couple of mornings this week teaching reception children in a local school to make beads out of polymer clay.  These are some of the results. I think they are fabulous! So many different designs, some quite inspirational, all taught in exactly the same way and yet each one totally unique! 


  1. Hi Sarah!! It is indeed interesting to see how a single method results in such a variety. I did a college course 2 years ago and the teacher asked us to make name tags and draw a bird on it. You should have seen what we all came up with!!
    Goes to show that I have a point somewhere :)

  2. Hello Chris, I think this was my eureka moment! Seeing what all the children had made and each one a peice of art in it's own right! I do believe we are all artistic/creative in one way or another...xx