Sunday, April 22, 2012

52 Earrings in a Year Challenge!

I feel as though I have been away from my blog for ages ...... I have been incredibly busy lately catching up with a million and one things I had put aside to make beads.  Then I ended up in that vicious cycle where I couldn't concentrate on beads until I had sorted out all the other things....but enough of my gibberish....

I actually started this challenge two weeks ago after reading Chris Pellows Musings and following Cara Jane but rather than try and catch up I thought I would start it fresh today! The challenge was started by Anke Humpert at Anart Island Studios to make a pair of earrings for each week of the year.  This is my week one.....

I made these earrings using a Klimt cane, the first one I had ever made. So I was very pleased with myself.  I used Premo Sculpey Clay (not glass this time), Gold, Alizarin and a pale green that I made myself from mixing colours.  The gold has given the surface a nice pretty sparkle but unfortunately I rushed taking the photo which I slightly regret now because you can't see the sparkly bits sparkling in the beads....oh well....

Sarah xx


    1. Ahh cute earrings! Well done for making a start. Look forward to seeing what you make next week!

      1. Thank you Cara, I have been thinking about next week already...hee hee....I think I may try something very bright after all this miserable weather...xx

    2. Beautiful earrings Sarah. I have a weakness for earrings and I will be visiting soon. Good job I have been saving my pennies.

    3. Ahhhh thank you Teresa. I am enjoying the challenge! xx