Monday, June 11, 2012

Marvel Inspired Beads.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places! One of my son's Marvel Comic's was the inspiration for these beads.

I made these beads using a very simple polymer clay cane.  I am still very new to polymer clay but I love how you can achieve some amazing results by 'mixing things up a little'.

So very simply here is how I made these beads .....

1  Choose three contrasting colours in the polymer clay of your choice.  I chose red, white and black.

2  I took the red and white clay and made two cylinders, one in each colour.  Then I rolled a sheet of white around the red and a sheet of black around the white to make two very simple canes.

3  I reduced the size of the white/black cane to make a long thin cane.....

4  I chopped sections off the black/white cane and positioned them around the red/white cane as per the photo.  I then covered this in a thin sheet of black clay and reduced the cane.  I have learnt that the easiest way to do this is to start in the middle.  Slightly pinching the clay all around the centre and then work your way out to the edges making the cane smaller as you go until you have a long thin cane.

5  Once the cane had been reduced.  I made a thick cylinder of black clay and cut even segments.  I rolled these into even sized balls.  Then I cut thin slivers off my new cane and placed them onto each ball as shown in the picture.

6  Using a perspex sheet, I slightly squished one of the round beads to make it a lentil shape and moved the sheet in round circular motions.  Eventually this will create a beautiful swirl on the bead surface.

7  Very carefully I make holes in each bead using a cocktail stick.  Be careful not to distort the beads.  Sometimes it is easier to place them in the fridge so the clay can harden up before attemtping to make holes in the bead.

8  Now you should have a set of beads to turn into a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. 

Happy Claying!

Sarah xx


  1. they work really well! I liked them before they were swirled too

  2. Thank you Cara, I shall have to have a go at making some more and not swirling them .... trouble is I can't help myself ..... heee heee xx