Monday, July 2, 2012

Dreaming of a new Shed/Studio/Shed!

I have a lovely little Shed/Studio/Shed at the bottom of my garden but I can't help it, I need more space!  My lovely husband (he reads my blog), my very very lovely husband, the best husband in the world and I am so lucky to have married him .... (that should be enough , hee hee)  is working on a design for my new studio.  So I though I would give him a few ideas!!

I am very happy to go modern and have a bead shaped studio!

This one would go very well with my new chicken pen ...

My little chickens would love a larger version of this .....

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
I think my favourite one would have to be the first tree house.  I only hope my lovely, wonderful and extremely clever husband does read this because lovely as this little house is .... I don't want one like this!
Sarah xx
Hyper Smash


  1. That second tree house is on one of my Pinterest boards. Aren't they amazing? One day, lol!

    Lovely blog, btw. :)

    Rosie. x

    1. They are amazing aren't they? I have added it onto my wish list ...

      Thank you xx

  2. When your hubby has finished your new studio, can he come and build one for me??? My husband is wonderful and amazinng, but not vey good at DIY!!! (If I can choose I'd like the wooden sphere please) :)

  3. Haaa haaa! I'll send him over but only when he has finished mine! haa haa! xx