Monday, June 17, 2013


Hello, I have spent so much time making beads lately that I haven't had the time to write about them.  This set of beads are part of my new collection of Entangled Beads.  The glass has taken on a wisp like effect .... almost like ribbons of glass entwined and entangled together.  The effect is beautiful and gives the beads a stunning amount of depth.  They are irresistible! Once you start looking into the beads you get lost within all the fascinating mixtures and tendrils of glass.  I should have called them my crystal glass ball beads .... you gaze into the bead and see all kinds of wondrous things hidden within the depths of the glass  ..... oooohhhh where did that come from?   It is true though!
This isn't an easy thing to photograph but I do try my best for you .......  I get as close to the beads as I possibly can before everything gets blurred and distorted but I still can't manage to capture the depth within the beads.  Still, this is something to work on .....
I wish I could write paragraphs about my inspiration for these beads but this is one of those sets that have developed over time and just come from working with the glass.  A technique I have stumbled upon whilst trying to make a specific set of lampwork beads.  Sometimes this happens and sometimes from this great ideas can emerge.  There is another problem with this though.  There have been instances where I have been asked to make the same bead set again.  This is not always possible because I have used the glass on my desk at that specific moment in time, in a certain order and in a certain way and try as hard as I can I cannot make them again.  It can be quite frustrating but proves that my beads are one of a kind (OOAK) and truly unique. 
In case you hadn't noticed ..... I have a thing for hot pink and turquoise at the moment.  The colours really compliment each other and I can't get enough of them.  The only problem is the cost of the pink glass.  It is incredibly expensive and worth every penny ....
What can I tell you about these beads?  There are 5 beads in the set. I have used the same combination of glass for each bead but every bead is OOAK. My beads also look fantastic strung from a sterling silver chain. The advantage of this is you can swop and change the beads as often as you like to create individual jewellery statements. If you would like some ideas about what to make with my beads please visit my blog : Jewellery Making Tutorial

The largest bead is 19mm across by 12 mm thick to 12mm by 10mm. The remaining four beads are approximately 12mm across by 11mm thick.The bead holes are approximately 2.5mm.

This bead set is available to purchase in my shop on Etsy.  All you need to do is click on a photograph and a link will take you straight there.
Sarah xx



  1. Gorgeous beads. I love that colour combination. Keep up the good work!