Saturday, September 28, 2013

You send my heart all a flutter ....

Lampwork hearts are always lovely to make.  I start by making a long barrel shape of glass with two lumps (technical term ... obviously) either side of the mandrel and heat it up until it is like thick treacle. Then using gravity I sculpt the glass into a heart shape.

I have already written a little about this heart in my post A Journey Through Love but I didn't really explain how I came about making this bead.  As you already know (mainly because I keep going on and on and on about it ....) I have been making implosion beads for a LONG time and quite by accident I turned one into a heart.  Since then I have made lots of implosion heart beads that jewellery designers have converted into beautiful pendants.    

As I have already explained, my hearts are all hand formed.  I don't use a press or mould to shape them, I rely on gravity.  This is a personal preference ... mainly because I find the whole process quite therapeutic and very rewarding.  You have to wait for the glass to move under gravity then very slowly and methodically you need to encourage the glass into the shape of a heart.  You can't rush this process, you have to take your time ... Depending on how much you manipulate the glass will depend on how much the implosion is pulled out or altered, making every bead completely unique!  There are beautiful effects that can be achieved and I have yet to explore  .... it is on my list though!

I have more hearts to show you over the next couple of months but for now if you want to keep up with  my lampwork creations you can either visit my shop on Etsy - Beadscrumptious or come and like my facebook page where I always post new beads and any offers. 

Sarah xx

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