Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 Here I come!

I spent last week working hard getting all my accounts ready and sorting out all of my tax.  I was quite surprised at the amount of glass I have accumulated over the last year and all the different colours I had stashed away.  Whilst I was doing a stock check I also decided to give my studio a good clean.  I don't think I have seen the surface of my desk for quite some time and now it is a shiny sparkling wonder of cleanliness. 
All of my tangled and untidy stringers (thinner bits of glass used for decorating the suface of beads) are all put away in any container I can find .... looking very messy but not on my nice clean desk.
I have an old plant pot full of sand from Exmouth Beach (I think) holding all my mandrels in place ... ready for action ....
Now I thought having a good clean and tidy would also bring lots of inspiration but it seems to have had the reverse effect!  Help!  I am starting 2013 with no ideas, an empty mind, a thoroughly clean studio .... have I cleaned too much?  Have I cleaned away all my inspiration? 
I always go back to my photos of Barcelona for inspiration .... but even they aren't  helping me this morning!  What to do when these moments occur?  Write a blog post about having a nice clean studio and a mind empty of all inspiration, hoping that something will occur as these words are being written.
I am waiting for a Eureka moment to occur within the synapses of my brain!  Apparently the human brain is estimated to have between 100 - 500 trillion synapses .... so something should be happening deep within my cerebral cortex very soon! ....... I hope ......
Sarah xx


  1. Haha Sarah, THAT is it: I did the same and cleared my craft corner until it was devoid of clutter and it resulted in a tidy workspace with no inspiration! A wee visit on Pinterest for inspiration? Or Flickr or Google... Oh, I am sure you will find something that tickles your fancy :)

    1. It's wierd isn't it? You would think a clean and tidy workspace would clear your mind for lots more inspiration ... maybe that is it .... clearing your mind .... I went out and bought a new sketch book instead and filled it with lots of colours, flowers and anything lurking in the back of my mind... It worked, ideas started flowing but nothing like the ideas I had back in December! xx