Monday, January 7, 2013

Beadscrumptious in Bloom!

Periwinkle Beads.

Britain in Bloom!  This is a competition held every year by the Royal Horticultural Society.  Villages, Towns and Cities are transformed with beautiful floral displays to win the Britain in Bloom award for that particular year.  It was started in 1963 by the British Tourist Board until 2002 when the Royal Horticultural Society became the lead organiser.  Quite often on our family travels we have passed through towns and villages displaying their Britain in Bloom winning plaque! 

2012 brought my own little tribute to Britain in Bloom!  I made quite a few lampwork floral sets, in many different colours and usually inspired by a particular flower I had seen that morning on my walk back from the school bus.  So to finish 2012 and welcome in the New Year 2013 (I love odd numbers) I thought I would share some of my own 2012 Beadscrumptious in Bloom!

My adventure making floral beads began with this little bead!

This developed into the Periwinkle series of beads at the top of the page.  I used these beads to make some pretty pieces of jewellery.


Well, it is no secret that the weather in Britain this year was a complete washout! So, to keep myself sane because I really do love blue skies, flowers and summer time.  I just kept making happy flowers trapped within the glass, suspended in time ... a bit like our summer this year!

I had my own little summer happening in shed/studio/shed!  To finish off my year I made myself some periwinkle beads with a little extra sparkle!

I haven't quite decided where I am going with the floral beads this year but I am sure I will have some fun along the way.
Some of the beads featured in this post are available in my shop on Etsy (soon to be on my website shhhh don't tell anyone yet)..... Beadscrumptious on Etsy!
Sarah xx

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