Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Polymer Clay Challenge!

This year I decided to start a new polymer clay challenge as I failed so miserably to keep up with the 52 Earrings in a Year Challenge!  So I am taking part in Elvira Kricks - 12 Polymer Projects in a Year.  I think I should be able to stick to this one.  It was a shame I couldn't keep up the earring challenge because I was learning so much about polymer clay with every pair I made and I was really enjoying thinking of new idea each week ..... although most of the time the ideas came from my trips out with my family ..... but there we are!
The idea for this flower came from a couple of scribbles in my sketch book.  It all happens in my sketch book! I made some sunflower earrings last year as part of the earring challenge and ever since I have wanted to try some different flowers.  I limited myself to two colours ... black and white and made a very simple flower petal cane.  I didn't take any photographs .... sorry ... I was too absorbed making the petals. 
I used all the off-cuts to make a disc shaped base to rest my flower petals on as I constructed my flower.  I have noticed as the flowers in my garden (and bought flowers) die their petals start to curl up at the ends.  I quite like this, so I thought I would try this with my flower petals to see what happened.   

I wanted to take this a little bit further with the next flower I made, so I added two rows of petals on top of each other.  I really like this effect!  


So happy was I with all the petals curling that I took this another step forward and went for maximum curl ... this is my favourite flower.
I haven't finished yet.  I am going to make some more flowers and use them to make a very striking piece of jewellery.  I will save the result for another blog post as I haven't finished making all the component parts yet!
I was not alone when I made these flowers.  I had three very eager children watching and desperate to make their own flowers.  So, I chopped off some slices of my flower cane and let them have a go at making a flower too.  Here are their results .....

I think they look fantastic, but then I would because I am their Mum!  They look like a pen and ink drawing, very striking and artistic.  When they are not looking .... I am going to place them on some white textured paper, add a black mount and frame them in a black box frame.  Unfortunately, they all want to take them to school to show their class and I am not sure if they will survive the journey .... we will see!
This is my first entry in the challenge!  Hooray!
Sarah xx


  1. love all your flowers! The black and white is so striking in an elegant way. The curling on the petals makes it look more interesting! The kids did a great job too - they will look fab in a frame. I joined the challenge too - haven't submitted anything yet so had better get on the case not a lot of days left!

  2. Thank you Cara. I can't wait to see what you make. I had forgotton how much I enjoyed working with polymer clay. There I was sat at the table, all on my own with all the clay out ready and the next minute I was surrounded by children .... They were so proud of themselves it was lovely ... they also pinched all my clay!