Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elise - Lampwork Glass Beads.

I am finally having a summer moment, even though the weather is still freezing cold and showing no sign of spring!  Here we have bright, hot pink and turquoise to brighten up any jewellery design.  It is a great colour combination that could form the basis of a beautiful piece of jewellery or "wearable art". 

 How did I make these beads? .... for any future lampworkers out there .....

Glass Used :

Effetre Dark Turquoise 591236
Effetre Teal 591056
Effetre Soft White 591208
CIM Heffalump 511645
CIM Cranberry Pink

Ok, I used Dark Turquoise and Heffalump as the base colours.  I then added a strip of Cranberry Pink on top of the Heffalump and a strip of Teal on top of the Dark Turquoise.  I melted the transparent glass into the base bead to create the effect you can see in the photograph.  The white glass was used to create the pretty little flowers that you can see on each bead.

Creating the flowers is very easy .... Add three blobs (very technical term) of white in a triangle on the surface of each strip.  Melt these in.  Then push a sharp pointy tool (another technical term) into the centre of each flower (gently).  Re-heat the flowers and the bead carefully to maintain the shape of the bead and to ensure the hole that you created closes over.  You should be left with a pretty little flower.

I will add pictures to this blog post next time I make a bead with little white flowers.  It is true, a picture paints a thousend words but I hope that this will be ok for now.

This is a very pretty set of lampwork beads ... but then I would say that and do quite often.  But I was seriously contemplating keeping this set of beads for myself (and will probably make myself a set next week). The colours are rich, vibrant and full of promise that we will have a beautiful summer in Britain this year!

I would also like to mention that whilst I was writing this post I had an audience of three stray chickens .... quite surreal and slightly wierd as they were not mine!  They just decided to wander up to my garden and sit with me in my shed/studio/shed all afternoon.  They are now wandering across the field to their real home for the night ....

Sarah xx


  1. These chickens must love you :-)
    I love the technical terms too in your blog, so difficult to get my head round and understand how to make them!! xxxxx

    1. Haaa haaaa ... I must have a chicken friendly garden! How was the flame off? I have half a blog post ready to show how lampwork beads are made. I have a few more photos to take and just haven't had the time to finish it. My aim was for it to be an introduction to lampworking. I think you will understand more when I have posted it. I wrote it because many people do not realise I actually make the beads even though I am continually saying they are made by me... I will add some pictures to this blog (when I make more beads like these) that will easily show how the flowers are made. xx