Monday, April 15, 2013

Speckled Blue Blossom.

My speckled blue blossom beads remind me of blue speckled eggs!  I love the way the light passes through these beads highlighting all the different colours within the glass.  I made these beads as part of my Monday Glass Challenge : Something Blue!  These challenges are great because they help to stop those moments of artistic block by challenging my brain to think of new ideas.  
This set of beads were made using a lentil press.  I started my making a oblong shaped bead in transparent glass and then I rolled the bead in mixture of frit and pixie dust (sparkle, sparkle).  For those of you new to lampworking .. frit is basically ground up chippings (I suppose/my interpretation) of glass.  There are frit blend experts out there that mix different concoctions of glass to produce some beautiful blends.  You can create some wonderful effects using frit.

There is a real sparkle to these beads and I only wish the camera could capture this.  They really are very pretty beads. I call this style of  beads by blossom beads because all the mixtures of colours within the frit look like tiny blossom petals.

Are you a lampwork artist that uses frit blends in your beads?  What are your favourite blends/mixes?  Do you make your own? 

Sarah xx


  1. What beautiful beads - and so interesting to read about how you make them