Friday, April 19, 2013

The Sea - La Mer!

Usually at this time of year and particularly during the summer we take our children off to the local beach in the evening for a fish and chip supper.  We all sit together in a long line on a bench eating our warm, tasty chips and watching the sun set   It is lovely.  Afterwards, my husband and I can walk along the beach hand in hand (just like we used to....ahhhh) with our children running around us laughing and having fun. 
I get a great deal of inspiration from our trips to the beach and usually it because of something my children have discovered.  Especially in rock pools.  Who knows what treasures and strange creatures you can find within the water?
This bead set was inspired by one of those trips.  We found lots of different types of seaweed in different colours, some slimy, some bulbous and some dried out by the sun.  We also looked at the distortions produced when looking through water.  A similar effect when you add bubbles of glass onto the surface of a bead.  It is simple but great fun, especially for little children who find everything absolutely amazing.
This bead set also represents freedom from the constraints of perfection.  I have to be extremely precise when I am making implosion beads and if I were to constantly maintain this I think my head would explode. So, these bead sets are a welcome break where I can free my creativity and allow the glass to flow where it chooses.
This bead set is available in my shop on Etsy.  If you click on a photograph a link will take you straight there.  Thank you for reading my blog and sharing my world of beads.
Sarah xx

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