Monday, July 22, 2013

Beadscrumptious Implosion Flower Beads

Hello, and welcome to my new blog followers.   I feel as though I have been away for a very long time .... I had one of those moments where all of my creativity just vanished.  It returned in part ... I had moments where ideas were buzzing through my head but I just couldn't make them.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn't make a single round bead.  So, I admitted defeat and left the shed/studio/shed, bought myself a new laptop (my old one was very old and ... well ....  just old!)  and spent the last week transferring across all of my data.  Why am I telling you all this boring information?  I have absolutely no idea but there we are ...... 

What I wanted to write about were my new implosion beads.  YES!  My lampworking hands finally returned and I was on a roll!  I went into a lampwork frenzy!  I abandoned my family duties and disappeared to my shed/studio/shed ..... until I made all the beads that had been whizzing around as ideas in my chaotic brain.  Yipee! Whoohoooo! and Hooray! 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know these are my signature beads.  I have spent years developing these beads and continue to do so.  They are very difficult beads to make and require a great deal of heat control, concentration and a very steady hand.  I also need to have a clear head to make them because they are totally absorbing. 

So what is new about these beads? .... I have been developing the side view of the beads.  The beads are designed to be viewed from the front but many designers want to have the detail around the side of the bead as well.  Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't, so I have been developing a technique that can achieve this.  I have also been developing a greater depth within the beads, more intense colours and more swirling within the swirls ... just thinking about these beads sends my head into a spin ..... I want them to be even more stunning and to really capture your attention when they are worn as a piece of jewellery.

As you can see from the photograph above, I decided to use these beads to make a series of pretty pendants.  I am always asked about how these beads could be converted into beautiful jewellery so I thought I would show you a very simple example.  I made this pendant using sterling silver wire.  I created a little knot of wire to cover the bead hole and then looped the wire carefully around the bead so that it will hang correctly from a silver chain.  A great amount of thought goes into my jewellery designs because I want my customers to be complemented on their beautiful jewellery and spread the word about my lampwork beads.

I will be making some more implosion beads very soon and they will be available to purchase in my shop on Etsy - Beadscrumptious

Sarah xx

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