Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Monthly Make - July

I haven't had time to write a monthly make post for May or June which is a bit of a shame.  Never mind, I am back on track with an entry for July.  I am one of those people that like to get value for money when I make a purchase and this is something I always try to fulfil with my customers too ...

My lampwork beads are expensive (because they are made to a very high standard) and considered a luxury item so I always try to make sure I include a little extra where I can.  It is also lovely when you receive a beautifully packaged item.  So, when you purchase my beads you can always be assured that you will receive your beads in a beautifully presented gift box, tied with ribbon and finished with a few little extra beads.

I take absolutely ages packaging my beads.  They take a long time to make, kiln anneal and clean and I would be devastated if they were damaged during shipping.  Especially as many of the designs I make I cannot (no matter how hard I try) reproduce.  They are unique, one of a kind pieces of art!   I also take ages choosing the right beads to place on the top of the box.  You need beads that match the beads you have purchased to incorporate into your jewellery design.

Underneath all of the reams of bubble wrap, you will have a beautiful set of lampwork beads arriving in pristine condition ready for you to turn into something beautiful.

Oh ..... I should also add that I would love to see what beautiful pieces of wearable art you have made with my beads.....

I have a shop on Etsy where you can view and purchase some of my lampwork creations.  All you need to do is click right here ..... Beadscrumptious on Etsy

Sarah xx