Thursday, July 25, 2013

Static : A lampwork Bead Set by Beadscrumptious

I can't believe that I didn't get around to writing a blog post about these beads before they had sold on Etsy.   So, I am going to write one now.  I will reflect on this lovely set of lampwork beads that are making their way to a new home.

This set of beads are an example of my signature implosion beads and actually started out as an experiment to see what would happen if ...... and these beads were the result.  They also marked a change in my implosion designs where I started to really define myself in the lampwork world as having designs that I had developed.  People will and do try to copy my designs but hey, that is life! These things happen when you start to promote yourself.  Should you lock yourself away to keep all of your work top secret or should you embrace the fact that your work is inspiring other artists?  I am forever the optimist! .... although it is disheartening when you see very similar beads to your own being sold much cheaper .... I take a great deal of pride in my work and make high quality beads to a very high standard (blog post coming soon).

I am spending the next couple of weeks developing these beads further.  I am going to try different colour combinations and a few new techniques to see what happens.  What will my end result be and will any of the beads I make be worthy of writing about? .... we will see!  I also have to make a large batch of similar beads for a commission.  I say similar because I find it very difficult (actually impossible) to make the same bead twice but that is another blog post entirely!

I am really looking forward to seeing what the lovely lady who bought these beads is going to make with them.  It always makes me feel like a proud parent to see my lampwork beads incorporated into some amazing jewellery designs.  That is also another blog post to come very soon .....

If you click on any of the photographs a link will take you straight to my shop on Etsy where you can find some more examples of my lampwork beads to feed your imagination and hopefully inspire your jewellery designs.

Sarah xx

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