Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bridgwater Carnival!

I live in a very quiet little village next to the town of Bridgwater.  It is also a fairly quiet little town but every November the town is buzzing with people visiting from all over the county to see the Bridgwater Town Carnival.  The largest illuminated carnvial in Europe! The atmosphere is electric in more ways than one!

It is a Spectacular, Spectacular illuminated carnvial of the most outrageous proportions.  We are talking about enormous carnival carts, brightly lit with hundreds of light bulbs, whizzing, twirling platforms, music blaring and energetic dancers putting everything into making the cart a visual delight.  It is something that really has to be seen to appreciate.
Unfortunately, I wasn't in the best place to take photographs but just to help you appreciate the enormity of this event ..... everything on this cart moved, span, jiggled and as you can see from the photograph was absoultely enormous!  There are hundreds of carts with the majority being of this scale!  
The town is divided by competing carnival clubs who work solidly all year and in secret to make these amazing carts.  Someone has to win each year and what a fantastic competition for all us to enjoy!
On our way back to the car we passed all the carts that had finished the procession so I couldn't help taking a photograph of the cart without any of the lights, music or dancers....
Please take a look at the offical website if you want to treat your eyes to a visual spectacle!
......I haven't even mentioned the Squibbing yet.... This happens after the carnival has finished.  The High Street is suddenly plunged in darkness and then lit up with what I can only describe as enormous sparklers!  

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