Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn Spirit!

Autumn Spirit
It feels as though we have had a very, very long Autumn this year.  It started at the end of May and has continued right through to November.  It would be lovely to have some sunshine but unfortunately the sun has disappeared somewhere above the thick dense blanket of grey clouds.......I am sure it is still there .....somewhere.......

Whilst hiding away in my shed/studio/shed that is full of lovely summery pictures (and is very warm thanks to the heaters installed by my Husband and Brother - in - Law) I have been developing a new style of beads. 

It all started with my Nautical Lampwork Bead Set.   My inspiration for these beads came from a trip to Barcelona and visiting a house designed by a man called Gaudi (Nautical Blog Post). Since making this set of beads I have been using similar designs but exploring different colours. Each bead I make is totally different and unique to any of the other beads in the set. They are all different shapes and sizes and designs but all based around a three colour scheme.

These beads have so many possibilities for jewellery design and would definitely fit in the category of wearable art!  I haven't made a set for myself yet but I think I am going to have to so I can have a play around with a few different jewellery designs.

The name of these beads - Autumn Spirit, came from the colours which are very Autumnal and because we have just been celebrating Halloween.......

Amber Blossom

These are also a very autumnal set of beads. These beads were inspired by all the different coloured leaves falling from the trees in my garden. I need to get out there really and give my garden a good rake because they are everywhere and I am going to have an accident on my way to shed/studio/shed if I don't! 

I used different coloured frit to create the effect on the surface of the beads and then I placed the molten glass into a lentil press to create the lentil shape.  They are simple but very effective.

Amber Blossom

All of these beads can be found in my shop on Etsy! - Beadscrumptious on Etsy!

Sarah xx

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