Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My Periwinkle lampwork beads!  I love these beads because they remind me of the spring.  A beautiful time of the year when all the leaves are starting to return to the trees and there is a scent in the air of fresh, new life.  It is invigorating and fills you up from within, breathing new life into your veins ..... at least that is what happens to me every year.  Oh, and it means the end to suffering from any more nasty coughs, colds or the dreaded flu!  The air is clean, fresh and germ free!
These beads were my re-introduction to the world of floral beads.  I had tried making them years ago on my old Hot Head torch but they ended up becoming blobs of colour stuck onto the glass.  I made a few and gave up! 
If you are a lampwork artist who wants to know more about how I made these beads, click here .... Floral Beads!  There is virtually a step by step guide as to how I made them.
Periwinkle Pendant
They are quite therapeutic beads to make.  They take a lot of precision, patience and time.  You can't rush them, you have to take it slowly.  Sometimes in this day and age, it is not always easy to slow down ... we all lead such busy lives rushing around here, there and everywhere.  I like to stop and contemplate.  I can do this when I make these beads and it is a lovely feeling!
Periwinkle Bracelet
I am always thinking of new designs and have a notebook bursting at the seams with ideas of beads to create.  Sometimes I make the beads with an idea of a piece of jewellery in mind and sometimes I just go with an idea that is forming in my head at the time. 

These floral beads show a progression in my lampwork art and I will be bringing out some more designs in the New Year!
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Sarah xx

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