Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple Green Jewellery!

I really need to sort out my collection of glass because I keep finding colours that I didn't know I had.  This glass is one of them.  I was making a set of beads and reached out for a green glass rod and found this colour.  It is a beautiful luscious green that has an internal sparkle when the light catches it.  I love this glass!  I decided I was going to make some jewellery with it but wanted to keep the design very simple to let the colour of the glass sparkle through.

When I first started lampworking ..... many years ago now .... this design was one of my favourites ......  there are quite a few people wearing this design in my lampwork beads.

The little white flowers are very simple to create.  All you need to do is shape your bead then add tiny white dots in groups of three.  Melt the dots into the glass, reshape the bead if necessary and then spot heat the centre of the group of dots.  Remove the bead from the flame and poke a sharp tool lightly in the centre of the group of dots.  This will give you the petal shapes of the flowers.

They look very dainty and pretty.  It is a shame that my photographs don't capture the sparkle within the glass. 
All of the jewellery is available in my shop on Wow Thank You!
Sarah xx

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