Sunday, December 16, 2012

Making Beads for Me!

Although I have a million and one ideas of beads to make, I very rarely make any for myself.  This is very stupid I hear you say because I am missing an opportunity to advertise my work .... and you would be quite correct!  Perhaps this can be my first new year resolution .... I shall adorn myself everyday with a selection of my finest beads .... perhaps not!
I decided one thursday morning to make some beads for myself, as a little treat to myself for all my hard work throughout the year!  I will not feel guilty for being self absorbed.  I will enjoy the moment and think only of myself for one morning this year ..... and I did .... it was lovely!   ... well it lasted for about 10 minutes then I was overcome by guilt and spent most of the time thinking about everyone else .... not unusual!
A long time ago I bought some cubic zirconia to place in my beads for a little extra sparkle but it was such a fiddle to do, I lost interest and moved on to other things.  Well, I couldn't just leave them gathering dust could I?  Mind you, it was still a fiddle.  To get the stones the right side up on the marver took me ages and a great deal of cursing.  Then actually getting them in the centre of the flower, the right way around was a tactical nightmare! I am very surprised that I didn't crack the bead.  It took forever but I think I finally found the easiest way to do it for the future ... if I ever have the desire to add them to another bead .....  
I was so pleased when I took the bead out of the kiln.  There are four turquoise flowers each with a sparkling cubic zirconia sitting in the centre of the flower.  Very pretty! I decided to turn the bead into a pendant.  I strung the bead onto a sterling silver core and dangled some sparkling aqua swarovski crystals from the bottom of the pendant and placed it on a sterling silver snake chain.

My charm bracelet also needed some new beads to match my pendant, so I made a few more beads .... (without the cubic zirconia).  I should take a close up photograph of the beads above.  They are bright pink implosion beads ... a one off set of beads I made last year!

I just need to make myself a pair of earrings and I will have a complete set made by me, for me .....

Sarah xx

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