Friday, December 7, 2012



We have had the most awful weather in the UK this year.  It feels as though it has rained every single day.  Of course, in reality it hasn't!  We started off the year with talk of a hosepipe ban during the summer months because the water levels were so depleted.  There were even debates on the radio about whether water should be transported from places like Wales (where water was plentiful) to London and other towns around the country where levels were low.  Then in true Great British style, the day after the hosepipe ban we had an immense amount of rain resulting in flooding! The ban was scrapped and it hasn't stopped raining since! 

But, last week (when the rain finally ceased) we had some beautiful weather.  Every morning we woke up to clear blue skies and through the hazy sunshine the fields glistened with a thin blanket of frost.  It was beautiful!
Well this is enough inspiration for me.  I disappeared off to my very warm (I have heaters you know!) shed/studio/shed and made this very icy blue set of beads.  After each bead was formed, I placed it in some pixie dust to give the beads a little extra glisten and sparkle. 

I am still trapped making beads in this particular style and I had thought that I was coming to the end of these designs but clearly there are few more to make .... I realise that these designs are a little unique ..... probably more along the lines of wearable art rather than conventional.
I also made a very icy looking Shroom Bead.  These beads make really pretty pendants and charms.
Icy Shroom!

These beads are available in my shop on Etsy! 
Sarah xx

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