Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Emerald City!

I write blog posts about each individual bead set to help promote my lampwork beads (obviously) but also to help keep a record of the beads I have made and the inspiration behind each set of beads.  It is also great when the beads have sold because they will be immortalised within this blog.  I can peruse at my leisure and remember the beads I have made, look at how my style has improved and changed and remember the moments that led to the development of each individual bead. 
I can't really make the same set of beads again because each bead is an individual entity but I can look back when I have one of those moments when the creativity won't flow and sometimes gain inspiration from a set of beads that I have already made.  This is what happened with this set of beads.  I was sat in my shed listening to the musical "Wicked" and looking through my bead when my hand suddenly rested upon a rod of Emerald glass.  Why not try this style of beads in Emerald?
It is a gorgeous colour.  Such a deep intense green, I will definitely be using this colour again.  This style of beads is a welcome release really to the precision of making implosion beads.  I have a few more lampwork bead sets like this to share with you but now that summer is coming I can sense a change in my style .....
This bead set is available to purchase in my shop on Etsy.  If you click on a photograph a link will take you straight there.
Sarah xx

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