Thursday, May 16, 2013

Entangled Beads!

I have spent the last couple of weeks having a complete mind block.  I have sat at my torch with ideas but nothing seemed to work.  I would open the kiln the next day and think "mmmmmm" rather than "WOW, that's cool!" Then like a bolt of lightning something triggered in my brain and I made these beads .....
Annoyingly, I have made beads like this many times before but have never explored this technique further.  Perhaps like many things in life I just needed to wait for the right moment.  Now, I have re-discovered this I am on a roll ...... I can't stop myself ..... I am thinking of new colour combinations in my sleep.  I am once again disappearing up to my shed/studio/shed to make lots more.

These beads form a new collection of beads called my Entangled Beads.  All the wisp and tendrels of colour trapped within the glass, entangled and twisted together ..... you get the picture and if you look at the first photograph you will probably see where I am coming from.

This set of beads - Earth Filaments comprise 5 lampwork beads handmade by me.  I have used the same combination of glass for each bead but every bead is OOAK (one of a kind).  The beads range in size from 17mm across by 12 mm thick to 12mm by 10mm. The bead holes are approximately 2.5mm.

My beads also look fantastic strung from a sterling silver chain. The advantage of this is you can swop and change the beads as often as you like to create individual jewellery statements. If you would like some ideas about what to make with my beads click my Amber Shock Post.
I had a very lovely compliment the other day from a friend who didn't realise that I took all of the photographs myself.  Every photograph included in my blog/facebook/website/twitter/shops has been taken by me.  I hadn't realised until now that I should be quite proud of this ......

If you want to purchase these beads or view more of my work then all you have to do is click on one of the photographs and a link will take you straight to my shop.

Sarah xx


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