Thursday, May 2, 2013

Polymer Clay Challenge - April 2013

This month I decided to submit these beads for my polymer clay challenge.  I am always making round beads and decided that I would have a change.  I didn't realise how difficult it would be trying to get them all the same size.  I thought I would be clever and use the same amount of clay for each bead which was sensible and works for round beads.  The problem came when I tried to shape them.  On reflection I could have made my life a lot easier if I had of used a bead press but sometimes when you are overcome by creativity you don't have time to order and then wait for the postman to deliver essential items.  Still, I have learnt a lesson for next time!
So, what did I create with these beads?  Perhaps I should have written that before the photograph .... oh well!  Yes, I made a necklace.  I have been making lots of necklaces lately using my polymer clay and lampwork beads.  I used plain turquoise lampwork beads because the polymer clay beads were so brightly coloured and vibrant I needed a contrast.  I choose turquoise as an accent colour to pick up the swirls of turquoise within the polymer beads.  I separated my beads using bright pink and I mean bright PINK seed beads.  I am having my very own seed bead revolution at the moment and I have been using them for everything!  However, they are incredibly fiddly, half of them end up on the floor or up the hoover so I am not sure how long this obsession will last.

I found these metallic flowers at a bead fair and they make brilliant connector/focal beads.  I like to hang a cluster of dangles from the bottom of the necklace for a bit of interest and just because I like it when they all jingle together.

The beads were very simple to make but the effect is very striking.  I am definitely going to make some more of these for myself in lots of different colours.....but using a bead press.....

Sarah xx

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