Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Polymer Clay Challenge : May 2013

I have been playing it quite safe with these polymer challenges so far mainly because I haven't had the time to make anything too extravagant.  That doesn't mean the ideas aren't there.  Believe me I have loads of beads/ideas I want to make but unfortunately I just don't have the time.  I do record everything in my sketchbook so the ideas don't get forgotton. 
I have made beads like these before and I liked the colour combinations so much that I wanted to have another go at making them.  Now, whilst making these beads I realised that not only do I need to record my ideas for designs I also need to record exactly how I make them.  You are probably thinking, "Isn't that what your sketchbook is for?" .... well, yes and no.  I initially draw the designs, colour combinations and inspiration for the beads but usually when taking a piece of work from a sketch book into reality you change a few things here and there.  It is those little changes that I don't record.  I also become easily sidetracked into making other things along the way ..... I don't record those either ..... grrrrrr 

I need to make more time to make flower canes as well.  I really enjoy making them, it is quite therapeutic you know! I want to develop the shape of the petals a bit more and add some depth to the flowers.  Lots to work on .... just need the time ......

I used the beads to make a very long necklace and matching bracelet.  I combined the polymer clay beads with my handmade lampwork glass beads and separated these with heamatite seed beads. These were all connected to a black chain, combined with a string of blue sparkly seed beads and blue silken thread.  
I am using all my polymer clay beads to make an affordable jewellery range for when I attend craft fairs and jewellery parties.  I am really enjoying making them all too because I can sit and make jewellery with my family whilst they are watching a film.  I do lose a few beads here and there when my children decide they want to have a go making an item of jewellery .... but what can you do?

Sarah xx  

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