Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blue Challenge Results!

Watercolour Implosion Bead - My Signature Beads.
Here are some of the beads I made as part of my Monday Glass Challenge.  I might let it run on for another week because I have really enjoyed making the implosion beads and whilst I am in the mood I really want to make some more.
Hope you enjoy having a look at my work this week.  None of the beads have been listed on etsy yet but if you keep an eye on facebook and twitter, I will notify you when they are! 

Lots of bright blue lentil beads.

Front view of a Watercolour Implosion Bead.

One of my blue lampwork implosion hearts.
Dark Blue Implosion Flower with a couple of ribbon beads.

Blue Blossom Lentils

Sarah xx

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