Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Coastal Dreams!


I thought I would feature a blue set of beads this week as the theme and inspiration for the Monday Challenge was the colour blue.  So what can I tell you about these beads .... well .... the actual theme behind this set of beads was my love affair with the coast.  We spend a great deal of our time together as a family walking along the coastal paths and enjoying the fresh sea air.  There are times when the experience can be challenging! For instance, when it is absolutely freezing with the wind and rain stinging your face but despite this, it is so invigorating!  You come home feeling full of renewed energy.  I love it! It is also when I make some really good beads.
My favourite moments are searching through rock pools with the kids, clambering over very sharp rocks to find secret treasures waiting for us to find them in the little pools left by the tide.  We have found a few nice little picnic spots like this as well .....

This set of beads was made using ivory, silvered stringer, transparent blue, cornflower blue, transparent aqua and a couple of transparent greens.  As you can see from the phtotograph a lot of my designs are raised above the surface of the bead.  I wanted to make them very tactile and a little rugged like the coastline.  The green colours represent the different greens of the seaweed.  I should of added some dark browns and red as well .... The blue dots represent the bubbles of water and the silvered stringer are my interpretation of barnicles clinging to the sides of the rockpools or to limpet shells.  I have some lovely examples of these in shed/studio/shed.

They are amazing aren't they?  Such inspiration to build upon .... although I am going to have to find a home for all the shells in my studio.  They are beginning to take over!
I have included lots of spacer beads in this set to give you lots of options when you are designing your jewellery.  These beads also look lovely strung very simply onto a sterling silver chain!
Sarah xx

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