Thursday, February 7, 2013

Purple Swirls!

There is so much depth to this set of beads. It is very difficult to capture this in a photograph but I have tried my best for you. Each bead is composed of multiple layers and is then encased in a very sparkling crystal clear glass. The final layer adds to the depth by enhancing (.... and magnifying) the swirls and patterns I have generated within the bead prior to encasing it. 
I love this photograph because you can clearly see the way the glass is rounded in towards the bead hole.  The beads are beautifully encased within the clear glass.  I am very particular about this and I dread to think how many hours I have spent perfecting this technique.  It is my own personal preference but I like my beads to be encased completely.  I don't like to see a rough/dirty line where the clear glass meets the base colour of the bead and I won't sell any beads that have this .... mine have to be perfect! 
I used the same colours for each bead but varied each design very slightly.  I didn't want each bead to look exactly the same because .... well ... to be honest ... it is boring!  So, I experimented slightly with each design using the same colours but applying them in a different way.
I was very pleased when I took these beads out of the kiln and held them up in daylight.  You never really know what your beads are going to look like until this moment.  It is always quite exciting ... in the majority of cases ..... unless the colours haven't turned out exactly as you had planned ... but that is life!

These beads also look absolutely lovely strung on a sterling silver chain.  This is how I wear my beads sometimes and I like the versatility of being able to swap and change them as I please.
I have some more of these bead sets in development and will be adding them to my shop when they are ready ..... now .....back to my sketch book ..... more ideas to develop.
Sarah xx

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