Friday, February 8, 2013

The Monday Glass Challenge

Back in 2012, I started the Monday Glass Challenge to ensure that I would always have an idea lurking in the back of my mind in case I had a lampwork block. This is very similar to a writers block...... That hideous moment when your mind goes blank and you can't think of anything to make.

I found this worked well for me and usually ideas came from ideas, my brain would start whirring and before I knew it my head would be exploding with inspiration. For some ghastly reason this has a tendency to occur when I am just about to go to sleep. But as any artist knows ... you have to make the most of these moments ... there is always a sketch book close by!

This year I have decided to modify the challenges slightly and include an .... "Inspiration of the Week". As I have already mentioned sometimes ideas perpetuate even more ideas and your brain is doing somersaults trying to keep up with the synaptic overload! I don't want to lose this and when it happens I intend to take full advantage. Sorry to all my Facebookers and Twitterers but I will be bombarding you with my ideas too ... (and yes I know Twitterers is not a real word .... ).

I have had a slow start to January 2013 for lots of reasons that I won't bore you with (reading the Life of Pi ..... very good book ... may have contributed to this ..... a little .... ) and I didn't have the opportunity to start the Monday Glass Challenges until this week ..... Is it really February already? Now I am feeling very lazy! I am now back to work properly and ready to go!

This inspiration for this week was - Beautiful Flowers and lots of bright colours. The Monday Glass Challenge was to make sets of Floral Beads ... of course! It didn't go entirely to plan because my brain wasn't connected properly to my hands and they wouldn't do what they were told so I had a few disasters. Also, I couldn't get the colours quite right so I am going to have another go later and will add the photos to this blog.

I am wondering whether the inspiration should be a monthly thing, rather than weekly to give me the chance to explore all the creative options available ..... what do you think? I'll see how it goes, perhaps it will run over more than one week .... I like to keep my options open. Keep an open mind and all that .....

Anyway, I am rambling again .... If you would like to participate in my inspiration ideas or challenges it would be a pleasure to have you along what can be a very lonely road at times. I would love to see and share your makes too. Here are some photographs of some very pretty flowers (all taken by me) to give you some inspiration ..... if you care to join me .....


Here are some of the floral beads I made on Monday!

Sarah xx

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