Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I need more time ....

I didn't have time for a Monday Glass Challenge this week which is a shame because I didn't get any studio time to melt some glass.  The pages in my sketch book are bursting full of ideas and new techniques I want to try and old ones I want to develop further. But, I am not complaining because I do have a very busy couple of weeks.

I have also been looking through all my un-finished polymer clay work and have vowed not to make any more until I have finished everything!  It is quite daunting because during the Summer months I had a polymer frenzy and there is so much to catch up with.  I am hoping to squeeze this in between my work over the next couple of weeks and will hopefully have some pretty finished clay pieces to show you.  I thought I would share a selection of the beads that need to be finished!
I  made these beads as part of the 52 earrings in a year challenge.  I like creating this shape and thought rather than make them in one colour I would see what they looked like with a pattern.  I was going to cluster these and turn them into a pendant or a large flower on a bracelet.  I haven't decided yet!

These pendants are part of my experiments with Stroppel Cane.  They need sanding and polishing and if I make some black round beads could make a very striking necklace.....

Cara Jane showed me how to make these hearts and ever since she showed me I haven't stopped making them.  Whilst I have made quite a few of these, they still all need to be sanded and polished.  They will eventually be turned into pretty peices of jewellery .... sometime .... when I get around to finishing them ....

Finally (this is only a selection of the beads I have to finish) I thought I would show you my pink swirly tabs.  I want to create a lovely summery bracelet with these.  Although I do regret no having made a few more so I could make a necklace and earrings to match. 

Do you have an un-finished work?  Does it help to re-ignite any lost creativity?  Sometimes when I have one of those moments I do take a look through my beads and sometimes it creates a spark and them off I go on the rollorcoaster ride of ideas.
Sarah xx


  1. Yes I also have a daunting box of unfinished object - UFO's! Good idea to do something with them now - some of mine are 3 years old so there's no way I will use them now - I have improved a lot in that time!! It was Caroline who showed you the hearts I think - but at my house so I will take a share of the credit for introducing you and proving biscuits :)Cara x

    1. Haa haaa like the UFO's! I have too many really and have a irritating habit of making more things before finishing the others.

      I am glad I am not the only one .. I have a box full of glass beads that I made years ago and won't use now because I have improved/changed so much. I give them away sometimes to friends children for jewellery making practice.

      Was it Caroline? Oooops! I still have the very elongated heart I made and still don't know what to do with it! Haaa haaa... The biscuits were very nice! xx

    2. Hi Sarah, I was thinking the same thing at the weekend, I want to start some new projects, but I've got jewellery sitting in a box waiting to be listed or half finished. I do it all the time. x