Saturday, March 9, 2013

Brighton Implosion Beads.

All of my lampwork beads are handmade by me in my studio in Somerset.  I am a professional lampwork artist and make all of my bead to a very high standard.  All of my beads are kiln annealed to ensure long lasting strength and durability and all of my beads are thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of bead release.
Geometric prints featured quite prominently on the catwalk for this season with Chanel, Dior and Louis Vitton providing us with some interesting prints.  I thought I would celebrate this fashion statement with a geometric print trapped within a lampwork glass bead.
Brighton is an example of one of my signature lampwork beads : the floral implosion.  These beads (in this form) are not made by anyone else and are totally unique.  I have spent many years perfecting this technique and unique designs that are my very own stamp of individuality.  These designs and the style that I have developed have not yet been copied .... I did keep a lot of the beads to myself and was very reluctant to share them with the rest of the world to prevent anyone copying my ideas but you know, you can't live in the shadows all the time. Sometimes you have to get out there and make a statement! When you see these beads you will think Beadscrumptious - Sarah Bunney.  They are also a challenge to make and hence this is reflected in the price .... well actually it is an art to make them!
I am afraid I am not going to give away any of my secrets ... but I really do enjoy making these beads.  Unfortunately, I can only make them when I am in the right mind set.  Now, this is something I didn't truely understand until I started making beads full time.  I would read articles about lampwork artists stating that they didn't make beads to order because it stifled their creativity.  At the time I thought this was incredibly pretentious but it is true.  I am finding that there are days when I have to give up making beads in my studio because the link between my brain and hands will not function.  It is almost like there is a dense fog within my brain and until it lifts I am incapable of making anything. Wierd isn't it?  But the artistic amongst you will understand.
I have a very lovely friend who makes the most beautiful embroidered brooches ... I am hoping that she will become a featured artist on my blog (haven't asked her yet though) who completely understands this.  She hasn't made any brooches for quite some time because of the same reason. 
This bead set comprises a central implosion bead that is 17mm across and 10mm in width. There are also two swirled glass beads to compliment the central implosion beads. These beads are approximately 14mm across by 9mm in width. Finally I decided to add a couple of watercolour implosion beads. These are absolutely stunning beads and are approximately 15mm across by 9mm in width.
This bead set is available on Etsy.  If you click on one of the photos you will be taken straight to my shop.
Sarah xx

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