Monday, March 11, 2013

Warm Spice : Monday Glass Challenge!

This weather forecaster's have been predicting a freezing cold week for us here in Blighty with the possibility of SNOW!  Hooray!  Although I shan't get too excited because it nearly always misses us here ....  Rather than be predictable with my glass challenge I thought I would do the complete opposite and have a hot, firey challenge : Warm Spice!
I made this implosion bead last week as part of the Spring Colours challenge and it really is a beautiful bead.  I will definitely be making a few more of these this week.  The bead looks so dynamic with the petals swirling around deep within the bead. 

From the side this bead looks like a beautiful painting rather then a lampwork bead.  But, I can assure you the bead is made from 100% glass as I made it myself in my studio.
This week I will be making more implosion beads like the one above but in rich, warm, spicy colours and will maybe share a few of my previous bead sets in my blog posts this week.  You are more than welcome to participate in my challenge in whatever media you use to craft or create art with.  It would be great to have you along.
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Sarah xx

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