Friday, March 29, 2013

Galactic Storm!

I am so excited! I don't know if I should admit this but I am a serious Doctor Who fan and my excitement (in a little kid waiting for Christmas ... kind of way) is because it will be back on our television screens tomorrow evening ... Yipeeeee!  Everything stops in my house for Doctor Who.  I have converted my children (even the cat comes in to watch it) and it has become a family tradition just like it was when I was a little girl.  Although I am sure it was more scary then! 
To celebrate this exciting moment in British television ... at least for me anyway!  I have decided to re-list this bead set on Etsy at a reduced price of £15.00 (original price £20.00).  Everyone is finding it difficult at the moment and I thought I would offer some reduced prices ... I suppose a sale really on a few selected items!
This is a beautiful set of beads because of the depth.  It is and will always be difficult to show this in a photograph but you could easily lose time just gazing into these beads.  There are black holes, interstellar clouds, trapped swirling galaxies and all kinds of phenomenon trapped within these beads.  It is as interesting as gazing up into the night sky on a very clear evening and losing yourself amongst the stars.    
A question I am asked many times ... "What could I make with them?" Well, where do I start?  For a simple but very striking necklace, they can be strung onto a sterling silver chain.  This is how I like to wear a lot of my beads because I can easily swap them around to create a different look.
Each one of these beads could be converted into a pendant and sold individually.  Or they could be doubled up as a pendant with a swirl of sterling silver at the bottom.  Very similar to the example shown below.  The sterling silver swirl would really compliment the galactic swirl theme and would look fantastic!  Actually why am I selling these beads?  I am giving myself some really good ideas here .....
These beads would make a beautiful bracelet surrounded by sterling silver saucer beads and swarovski crystals and maybe even a few dangling charms to represent planets or star shaped swarovski crystals ..... there are so many possibilities!
If you are feeling very artistic, you could really go to town and make a beautiful peice of "wearable art" around an intergalactic theme .... maybe I am now getting carried away but I think it would look great!
There are lots of options.  Even if you don't have any experience making jewellery you can use my beads to make a simple stunning necklace or you can use them to create something sensational!  A piece of art! It is all up to you .... although I would really love to see what you make with them!
Regrettably my beads are slightly expensive and there are many reasons for this.  I take a great amount of time perfecting my beads.  They take a long time to make because I very strongly believe in developing high quality beads.  Usually my beads are composed of many layers, encased many times and I always ensure this is to a very high standard.  All of my beads are kiln annealed which is a very important part of the lampwork process.  This gives the beads their lasting strength and durability.  I also spend a lot of time checking my beads for any imperfections, cleaning the beads and I always give them a little polish too. 
I should mention that it is very important to clean the bead holes after they have been kiln annealed to remove any traces of bead release.  This is a nasty substance that you don't really want to be breathing in so I ensure this is removed from all of my beads.  All of these steps take time and you can be assured that when you purchase my beads, you are spending money on a high quality item.
 If you click on a photograph of these beads it will take you straight to my shop on Etsy.
Sarah xx

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