Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Polymer Clay Challenge : February!

This year I decided to start a new polymer clay challenge as I failed so miserably to keep up with the 52 Earrings in a Year Challenge! So I am taking part in Elvira Kricks - 12 Polymer Projects in a Year.

Last month I made some black and white flowers.  I am eventually going to use them to make some jewellery but all of a sudden everything has gone manic and there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I cannot keep up with all my ideas/current work ..... everything .... which I might add is very frustrating!  I have lists of lists .... arghhhhhh!

Anyway, enough of that .... this month I decided to work my way through my box of un-finished polymer clay beads and finally get around to completing at least one piece of work.

I found these beads in the box.  They needed to be sanded and polished and I thought that this could kind of qualify for the challenge?  They weren't finished after all? 
So where did the inspiration for these beads come from?  Well, I wrote a tutorial last year called - Marvel Inspired Beads.  My son had left one of his comics lying around and this inspired me to make a set of beads using black, white and red polymer clay.  I liked the effect and wondered what the beads would like using different colours.  Sometimes, even though you are using the same tutorial you can end up with a very different result just by making a few alterations ... for instance colour!  In this instance the effect is very similar but has definitely sparked a few alterations for next time ......
Sarah xx

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