Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nautical - Gaudi Inspired!

After dropping off my little kiddy winks this morning I went straight up to shed/studio/shed, turned on my kiln and pondered what colour combinations to use today.  I wanted fresh, bright and vibrant.  After probably 30 mins searching through my stash of glass (and going off to feed my chickens) I came up with this combination.   

I think I am still having a 'Gaudi' moment because the trapped bubbles within the glass remind me so much of the Casa Batllo in Barcelona.  I know I keep going on and on about Gaudi but I can't help it, the man was a genius!  Anyway, Gaudi designed the Casa Battlo on a nautical theme and there is plenty of evidence for this as you walk around the house.  But he also considered so many other aspects in his designs.  For instance, the colour of the tiles in the stairwell get pregressively darker as you ascend the stairs.  This was to give a more natural balance of light (there was more natural light further up the stairs) as you ascend/descend the stairs.  I digress ...... sorry ... can't help myself.....

As you can see from my photograph above Gaudi had inserted glass panels as part of the bannisters.  Now interestingly, when you looked through these you get the illusion of being underwater .....

The distortion produced by placing a glass bubble if you like, on top of a bead design reminds me of these bannisters.  Perhaps my mind works in a peculiar way or I am just completely obsessed with Gaudi ... who knows?  But this set of beads, especially the colours, the distorting bubbles of glass and the trapped air dots that remind me of bulbous fish eyes, all take me back to a nautical theme.

I shall leave you with a few more pictures of my new set of beads to let you ponder what they remind you of!

This set of beads is available to buy on Etsy - Beadscrumptious on Etsy

Sarah xx

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