Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Woman in Black!

I had this set of beads on Etsy for a few months.  The inspiration came from reading the Woman in Black!  A very scary but brilliant book!  If you have the chance I would definitely recommend reading it, especially when you are tucked up warm and cosy on a winter night with the rain lashing against the windows and the wind howling around outside ...... 

My beads did suddenly take a dark turn  ..... The set comprised 7 lentil shaped beads using a dark grey transparent glass with a strip of silvered Ivory just resting on the top of the bead.  This was slightly raised and gave the beads an organic look. 

I should mention briefly what I mean by silvered Ivory stringer.  I take an Ivory glass rod and heat it in the flame until it becomes molten then I roll the molten glass in silver leaf.  I place this back into the flame at a lower temperature and using my pliers to grip the warm end of the glass rod I then pull the glass into a very thin rod/strip.  This cools and forms what is called 'a stringer' which is basically a very thin rod of glass!

Every time I looked at my shop on Etsy - Beadscrumptious on Etsy (just in case you wondered where my shop was ......) I had this niggle in the back of my mind as to whether I should remove them from my listings and make a piece of jewellery from them.  Well, the other day whilst pondering what to make for Christmas I came across this set of beads and could not resist them any longer. 

I wanted to keep the bracelet simple but elegant!  Each lentil shaped bead was enclosed within sterling silver saucer beads.  Between each group of beads I added a 6mm swarovski crystal to add a touch of sparkle.

The next day I went back out to my studio and made some more of these beads so that I can make a necklace and some earrings to match.  When I have a complete set I will be listing them all in my new shop on WOW Thank You!

What Christmas creations are you making? 


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