Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Focal Beads!


I have taken a little break from making bead sets to make a few focal beads.  These are always great for jewellery designers to create beautiful pendants, necklaces and sometimes additions to bracelets.  I must admit I was a little reluctant to part with this one because I can think of some lovely pendant designs for this bead but .... I have enough jewellery to finish at the moment and this bead deserves to go to a good home and not be waiting at the bottom of a very large pile of half finished jewellery.....

This is a hand formed focal bead, which basically means I didn't use a press to create the shape.  It was sculpted by me when the glass was molten.  The glass behaves almost like thick treacle when it is in this state and is great to sculpt into different shapes.  When it is cool and is removed from the kiln it almost retains it's fluidity even though it is now solid.  There are so many possibilities!

It is a very tactile bead and I have added some dots using a reactive glass on the surface.  The raised dots appear to change their colour in different light.  Which makes the bead quite interesting!


This is the reverse side of the bead and as you can see it is very sparkly because I am having a love affair with pixie dust and have been adding it to everything lately!  It is coming up to Christmas after all!


This focal bead is completely different.  It is another handformed bead.  This time I let gravity do all the work to make the sleek, smooth shape of the bead.  I only used two different colours of glass to make this bead and yet it is looks like I used many different colours.  This is due to the reaction that ivory glass has with many different colours and with how much heat is applied to the glass.  I love the deep, dark swirl of glass in the middle of the bead.  It looks like a mysterious cavern! 


When I started making the bead I kept the ivory coloured glass and turquoise separate and then whilst the glass was molten I swirled the colours together and let gravity shape the bead and mix the colours around further.  It is quite effective!

This would be ideal as a focal bead for a pendant.  It would look very dramatic, strung onto a solid core with some sparkling swarovski crystals to bring out the accent colour of turquoise.  I have used these beads in the past to create some very beautiful pendants.

Green Dragon

If you would like to know more about my two focal beads - Mystic and Enigma. They can be found in my shop on Etsy - Beadscrumptious on Etsy!

If you like them, I would be really grateful if you added them to your favourites!

Sarah xx

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