Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stormy Seas

I don't know why but I love visiting the coast when it is pouring with rain and blowing a gale. I don't think you can beat that feeling when you step out into the fresh salty air struggling to walk against the wind, the sea spray stringing your face and hearing the sound of the waves pounding against the rocks. It is very invigorating! These beads form part of series that explore my passion with the coast.

We spend quite a lot of time as a family walking along the coast collecting shells and throwing pebbles into the sea.  The kids love it!  Even when the weather is awful.  If we say we are going to the beach, they go wild and crazy.  I can't blame them I love it too and we have spent many an evening over the summer holidays watching the sunset hand in hand whilst our children run along the beach.  Sometimes, sat on a bench all in a row sharing hot fish and chips shivering as the sun goes down (it was a cold summer this year in Blighty).

The deep purple colour at the top of the beads represents the stormy sky. For the sea I have used copper green glass and added a trail of silvered ivory that becomes the frothy swirling sea. I couldn't leave out the barnacles and have left them suspended but possibly clinging to the rocks ..... Some beads have tiny blue transparent dots .... little blue bubbles in the sea!

The set comprises of 5 handformed beads. Approximate measurements: length 28mm, width 16mm to 18mm depending on the bead, thickness 10mm including the barnacles. Bead hole 2.5mm.

This bead set can be found in my shop on Etsy -
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Sarah xx

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